Offer to the people of your choice to invest confidentially and get the funds in a few weeks. With royalties, you keep control of your investors by making them interested in your success.

Raising funds as an entrepreneur is time consuming and long: between 6 months and a year on average. In order to speed up and simplify this process, we have developed a complete management tool that allows you to manage your financing with complete peace of mind, without the administrative, legal and legal costs of a capital transaction. The result: less than 2 months for a private fundraiser and more energy to focus on your business.


Personal network / love money: your acquaintances, former colleagues, family, friends, former classmates …

Professional networks for inter-company financing with suppliers or customers, simplified club deal, partners, business angels, shareholders, etc.

Employees to retain them and interest them in the development of your activity


Raise funds in just 1 to 2 months, thanks to a simplified and turnkey procedure. Manage payments centrally on the platform.


Stay in control, have only the people you want to invest. Only people with the link have access to your private fundraising to participate.


Mobilize all the people you can think of without limit: personal or professional networks, business partners …


In addition to the percentage of royalties, the threshold and the ceiling to be paid, choose the maximum return, the duration of the contract and the duration of your fundraising.

Do you want to capitalize on your fundraising and communicate in order to expand your circle of investors? Discover the public fundraising that will allow you to mobilize investors outside your network.

My fundraising campaign on the WE DO GOOD platform allowed me to formalize the support of my first relatives and acquaintances. For non-investors, the system offered by WE DO GOOD is transparent, and more accessible than an equity investment. The operation is also reassuring thanks to the formalism managed by the platform.

The success of this private fundraising allowed me to make my project credible with the banks and to obtain a bank loan. Thank you to the WE DO GOOD team for their follow-up and patience before, during and after this campaign 🙂

Geneviève Landsmann – L’atelier Geneviève

WE DO GOOD allowed us to raise €20K easily and quickly. This was our first fundraising campaign: the operation and the royalty system seem to me to be suitable for this type of amount and the platform makes it possible to supervise the “deal” offered to investors. The WE DO GOOD team is very responsive, it’s reassuring to know that they are there to support us both in the preparation of the campaign, during and after.

Antoine Thoreau, All Sessions

We were looking for a solution to structure the love money of our network. We wanted to avoid the “delicacies” of hand-to-hand transactions in the family circle or with friends. The objective was threefold: to manage the “love money”; ensure a little “air” and diversity in our fundraising strategy; propose an original communication operation. WE DO GOOD’s “private fundraising” solution is therefore perfectly suited.

Jean Boyancé, Listo