Since 2015, we have been working tirelessly to put positive impact finance in motion. We contribute to a more accessible, humane and connected finance to the needs of companies and territories through the democratization of investment in exchange for royalties. This mode of investment implies that the financed company pays investors a percentage of its turnover.

We believe in empowering everyone. Our values are inherent in our name and steer us in our long-term strategy, as well as in our day-to-day operations. We are B Corp certified, so we are part of a community of pioneering companies that seek to reconcile profit-making with a mission that serves the public interest.

Act in a collaborative, human and transparent manner.

Be daring, take concrete action.

Be responsible, have a positive impact.

The pomegranate in the logo is packed with seeds that embody fertility and prosperity. It portrays an eagerness to spread a positive impact through undertaking specific projects and actions. It invites guerrilla gardening in the financial sector.


Developing a financing model tailored to transition projects

Innovation lies at the heart of transition projects. However, today, both institutional players and banks are taking less and less risk and do not offer sufficient financing solutions to initiation, prototyping, social innovation, micro-projects. Venture capital, loans and subsidies are instead geared towards low-risk projects, those offering technological innovations or “unicorn” start-ups, which are highly publicised but not very forward-looking.

Entrepreneurs are swayed to attract capital investment from external players at a very early stage, and thus put investors’ financial interests before their vision and values.

But we are convinced that the transition will comprise a broad range of innovations and projects, large and small, led by multiple players and seeking the common good. We believe that investing in these projects is key to the transition.

Reconnecting finance with the common good to drive specific actions

The financial world is disconnected from reality: the way money is used is inconsistent with the challenges of today. For example, 583 billion dollars were invested in fossil fuels in 2015, against only 313 in renewable energies (source IEA). In practical terms, this means that today our money, even that of a committed citizen, is almost twice as likely to be used to endorse fossil fuels as renewables. At WE DO GOOD we are convinced that finance is a driver of change that we cannot forego and that it is time to reconnect it with reality.

Empowering the enablers of change

At present, citizens do not have the power to decide how banks use their savings: just one bank in France (La Nef) publishes a comprehensive list of the projects it finances… At WE DO GOOD, we have confidence in collective intelligence and we want to democratize investment because we believe that every citizen can be an activator of change. An economic paradigm shift begins with personal changes; power must therefore be given to activators of change (citizen-investors , entrepreneurs, etc.).


On WEDOGOOD.co, projects that have positive economic impacts and a social or environmental ambition are highlighted and benefit from additional promotion in communication. They must meet needs in at least one of the following areas in their core business activities:


In addition to being able to finance start-up and SME projects, we now offer you a new simple and transparent investment solution. Invest in assets with a strong positive impact and benefit from a forecast profitability of 2% per year.


WE DO GOOD is a team of professionals committed to putting finance at the service of entrepreneurs who change the world.