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I.e. in total 0(gross) according to to the project owner’s forecast:
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Risk of losing the entire investment. Maximum return on investment: x3.
* Tax: Flat tax of 30% on the profit if you declare your income in France. Otherwise, your local tax law applies.

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We are in 2016 : working represents more than simply making a living.
54% of students aspire to a “fulfilling” professional life, Studies show we are going to change jobs 5 times in a lifetime on average.  

However, the current process of career guidance does not help people meet this objective. Rather than embarking on a dynamic journey, we are presented with a stale list of fixed professions and milestones.  

We  created Bloomr because I believe it is critical to:

  • go beyond the traditional approach to career guidance generally centered around the choice of a single profession for life. The days of “one job for life” are over.
  • open the field of possibilities by giving students exposure to a wider range of career choices.
  • stimulate their creativity and empower students to craft their own career path and create their next job.



To draw your own path to a fulfilling professional life, you must:

– Learn how to navigate throughout professional life: learning to know, to connect to your desires and to dare to be yourself; acquire the reflexes and the right attitude to make informed decisions at any stage of your career; make choices and opportunities.  

– Relax, and take the time: be well in your job is paramount, this is precisely why we must take time to prepare. Keep the pressure to take pleasure in this quest and face the future with serenity. It’s neurophysiological: fear obstructs the horizon, relaxation can see clear and far.  

This is the mission we have given ourselves: initiate this virtuous circle, guiding everyone with kindness and give him all the cards to chart its own path.

icon-bienveillanceOUR COCKTAIL

We created the first collaborative career-orientation program involving young people and fulfilled professionals.



It has several features :

  • An online course including an engaged online community. It has been designed by Virginie (professional coach) and Noémie (blogger orientation), which allows you to ask the right questions to reflect on yourself, exploring the range of possibilities, define a concrete career plan and take action.
  • A community based on sharing, composed of in the program, professionals fulfilled in their work, professional coaches, and ecosystem players who share our values.
  • Editorial content to expand the reflection : the Bloomr blog. A pragmatic educational blog, inspiring and optimistic, as food for thought.

Bloomr’s pedagogy blends several disciplines from different backgrounds such as “design thinking” and neurosciences.  This helps people:

  • get passionate about their career and discover exciting pathways
  • gain creative confidence, agility & flexibility – key skills when the jobs of tomorrow may not exist yet.
  • engage in continuous exploration. This method can be applied throughout their working lives to continually design their professional paths.  


Since September 2015, more than 1 600 people have completed the Bloomr program. Among them: 84% see more clear in their direction and 80% regained confidence in their professional future. For their part, fulfilled nearly 400 professionals inspire 30,000 visitors per month through their testimonies.

We seek to collect € 55,000 to consolidate supply Bloomr and to conquer the market.

Bloomr has a bright future ahead, and to sustain this project already on track, we need to increase our brand awareness and strengthen our value added.Concretely :

– Offer a more innovative experience:  A more motivating experience and more fun to program participants, with a platform playing on design and functionality. As for the pros, we’ll be enriching portraits and put them in touch with young people

– Enrich our educational offer: with the success of our first program we do not intend to stop there! We’ll be creating new programs with partners (including the French Ressearch Institute on career design), to go even further in reflection, address more complex problems, and diversify topics

– Unite and lead the coaches who work with Bloomr

– Better integrate the device community professionals who testify on the site  

– Develop our brand: Work strategy and brand recognition, to become a key actor on the market. Multiply our audience, acquire new customers and retain our core users  

If you  think that the work is a factor of personal development, here are two good reasons to invest in Bloomr:

– You actually help thousands of people find their professional site

– You are at the forefront in shaping the future of work.

This is an opportunity to spread good vibes !

In return for your investment, you receive quarterly a percentage of revenues Bloomr for 5 years. As a bonus, we offer each contributor 2 free programs (perhaps to follow … especially for the offer, Christmas is coming!)


We have created in July 2016 a company with capital of € 1,500. The 6 team members are equal partners.


Positive impacts

We believe in the collective strength to make a change in society.

We all have a role to play in cultivating happiness at work : professionals, companies, HRD, Government, Education … and Bloomr wants to be a key actor in making things happen: 

  • At the individual level, knowing yourself  helps making the right decision.
  • This effect is reflected in organizations at all levels: employees who fit are more engaged, more creative and more productive. In addition, HR managers can manage talents more effectively as employees are able to express their desires.  
    To give you one figure, in 2012, the socio-organizational disengagement of 18.3 million private employees has created a “Social Badwill ” of € 215 billion (source for Mozart Consulting APICIL)
  • At the level of society: if everyone operates at its potential by finding a way, we womm will be better able to meet the challenges of tomorrow as a society. 

A few testimonies of participants  illustrate the Bloomr effect : 

“Your positivism, creativity and empathy are strong points that are good!” – Sabine

“Your program brought warmth in my heart and in my days” – Kelly

“Thank you for this journey full of discoveries, I am happy to have regained confidence in me on the plane orientation” – Laetitia

“I learned many things about me while I was thinking already know me!” – Colombine

“It’s a way to think differently and especially to interact with people from all backgrounds. Do not expect a miracle solution, but rather a big boost personally, and reflection “- Maëlle

“I appreciate the chosen namely a reflection on being beyond the know-how, which allows everyone to navigate we have 20, 35 or more” – Sabine



Bloomr is at the forefront of a global trend  

 In light of the changes we are going towards a society where learning to move throughout life will be a determining factor. We put technology in the human service to offer an affordable solution to the greatest number.   


The market for educational and vocational guidance is segmented into two populations:

  • Students who have not yet had experience and do not know what to do later
  • Young workers, assets and seniors who already have professional experience, but do not feel in their place  


This market is a huge growth in recent years, notably because: career orientation has become a major issue for students and their families in the context of an economy marked by unemployment and increasingly difficult employability.  Many employees do not feel out of place in the company, and wish to change career course on track, sometimes radically It consists mainly of three types of players:  

Tutoring market places, looking to expand their offering (Acadomia, etc.)

Coaches in educational and vocational guidance, which generally exert individually Specialized media, which address these issues through salons, digital content, and publishing (Studyrama, Student, etc.)  

Regarding the accompaniment on reflection, these actors mainly offer individualized coaching that quickly cost several hundred euros and thus not accessible to everyone, which reinforces unequal opportunities. Our strategy is to use digital to offer an affordable solution to the greatest number, which is not contradictory with  quality, as our first results demonstrate.

The choice of digital also allows us to easily address this market internationally, and we have already many clients Francophone countries (Belgium, Switzerland, Canada, Africa in particular).


We started selling online, especially well with people who are about to graduate or who already have professional experience: the average age of people buying the Bloomr program is 26 years.

Alongside this direct marketing approach, our strategy is to work with organizations that deliver the program to the young: Companies that can use the program to acquire or retain young clients or customers of parents (a pilot is underway with a large cooperative bank) Businesses or works councils, and can bring a service for employed parents (prospecting is underway with the assistance of the Observatory of Corporate Parenthood) Schools (colleges, higher education), to provide a service to their students   We also want to develop partnerships with associations, to offer the program to people in difficulty. Furthermore, and in addition, we want to market to business: A version of the program for employees to help them prepare for their professional maintenance (mandatory for all employees and all companies every two years from 1 January 2016) The possibility of exploiting employees and their businesses by making them testify on Bloomr (testimony of page white label)




Pupils and students:

over 750 000 young people arrive at school each year, and there are more than 2.5 million young people in higher education. These numbers are growing for several years.


Professionals: there are about 50 000 skills assessments performed each year in France, and all companies are concerned with the implementation of professional interviews, more than 3 million businesses for about 15 million employees. I


From the outset, we have attracted visitors from almost all French speaking countries: Canada, Belgium, Switzerland, Morocco, Tunisia, etc. We design our products so that the English declination as simple as possible, and plan to address the international English from next year.


icon-pepiteNuggets scouter

Our program is a tool for orientation-skills, because “life design” is a crucial issue of employability in the 21st century. Bloomr is not an assessment tool but a powerful torch that illuminates the seeds that lie dormant in everyone. And that’s good: it is these nuggets rests the future of employment and organizations.

“I grew up going out and I love me more than ever. (…) Continue, you’re awesome!” – Fatima

A prospective dimension Through the testimonies of professionals and trade between enrolled in courses, Bloomr has a ringside seat to take the pulse of the workplace. What are the jobs of tomorrow? How does the way you work? Our position allows us to analyze what is happening and anticipate future changes.

Our universe

Behind our tangy and smiling universe we wish to convey a caring and positive approach that feels good … less stressed because we think better.


  • The National Institute for the Study of Work and Careers (INETOP),  to continue improving the program Bloomr and work together on the development of skills to navigate. Objective: To allow everyone the skills to guide them throughout his professional life.
  • Z Academy network of coaches who testify on Bloomr and offer free workshops in major cities of France Objective: to meet the flow of participants expected, and offer “physical” interventions for those who wish.



Financial data

► Financing method: investment in royalties – from 10 €

► investment period: 5 years

► Profitability: 11.26% per annum (risk of complete loss of investment, maximum gain: x 3)

► Risk: … (assessed by Internet users in the vote – to come)



 The first 5 years, our sales forecast is primarily based on our offer for businesses (B2B), with the intention of balancing of offers between employees / youth / employer brand.



By investing, you subscribe to the company B. House for a royalty on sales of the company, proportional to your investment. The total investors will receive 1.5% of sales each year for a lifting of maximum € 72 000 funds. Each euro invested and entitles each quarter 0.0000208333% of our sales; EUR 100 invested qualify for 0.0020833348% of sales; 1000 euros qualify for 0.0208333478% of sales; Our minimum collection, € 55,000 are entitled to 1.1458341291% of sales; Etc. If Bloomr realizes its estimates, the average annual yield for each investor will be 11.26%. If the forecast is not reached after 5 years and where the activity would continue, Bloomr continue to pay royalties until full repayment of the amount invested.


provisional installments:


Earnings estimated on revenue of :


Jan – March 2017


April-June 2017


July-Sept 2021


Octobre, novembre, décembre 2021

Warning: these figures are based on an estimate of our turnover. To you assess the forecast and strategy to assess whether you can expect to earn more or less than the announced annual return. Do not hesitate to contact us. Your maximum risk is the total loss of your investment, and you better get back to triple your investment.


The funds will allow us to apply the innovation contest of BPI (which require a minimum financial contribution) and activate our development plan. For the full business plan of the project, please submit a request to


Major risk factors related to the business and the project:

competitive risk: the orientation in recent years has become a hot topic: the number of start-ups flourish and offer various solutions. Nevertheless, we are moving from and built solidly, our sales are growing steadily and the cocktail that we offer is unique to date.

Risk related to the financial situation of the company: currently before the completion of the fundraising of this offer, the company does not have a net working capital sufficient to meet its obligations and its cash requirements for the next 6 months. to study sources of financing in connection with the project submitted for subsequent 6 months: development of revenue, BPI financing regional aid. N.B.: over time, new risks will emerge and those presented may evolve.



Meet the Blooms

Welcome to the heart of Bloomr’s reactor. Our team is an energetic cocktail of personalities, experience and




Stéphanie PFEIFFER – full-time since September 2015 fresh graduate of HEC, it is the “Professional Triber” of Bloomr. She combines the creativity of Dali and agility of a drone.


Noémie MARTIN-PASCUAL – full-time since June 2016: EDHEC, specialized in marketing but Swiss-knife first. This anime is to discover and share new things.





Simon LEHERICEY – full-time since June 2016: Supélec, and touch all (development, architecture, methods), responsible for the technical part and does very well the devil’s advocate.



Laurent MOREL – Full-time current 2017: Supélec, 20 years experience in IT, passionate manager, lover of innovation and product development. Dad 13 years.




Guillaume BAPTISTE – Freelance: Art director and designer of web and mobile applications, designs user experience. Mr. 100 breaths per minute.




Virginie BOUTINIndependent: UX consultant and coach professionals – Happiness at work is his passion, co-wrote the Bloomr program with Noémie. Queen of inventing new words. 



  • September 2014: Birth of the project December 2014: First professional portrait gallery April 2015: favorite shot Price & Carry + the MOOC “Becoming an entrepreneur of change” developed by HEC and Ticket for Change May 2015: the team is complete June 2015: design of the first version of the program Bloomr September 2015: launch of the beta program October 2015: participation in the first TEDx Champs Elysées Education November 2015: article in Le Monde Campus and interview on The Mov ‘ January 2016: the program is paying July 2016: article in Le Mag Up and interview on LCI October 2016: participation in Eklore Talents & Employment Festival in the City of Trades Fall 2016: CNAM partnership Inetop



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