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This project is handled by Bric à Barac SAS

Impacts (know more) : eco-responsible product or service, economic and employment development
Bric à Barac conçoit et commercialise des cloisons modulables et responsables pour les entreprises. L'objectif étant de leur offrir plus de flexibilité dans leur aménagement et de réduire drastiquement la quantité de déchets produit par l'aménagement.

/ Return on investment /

0 % of the project revenue for 5 years.
I.e. in total 0(gross) according to to the project owner’s forecast:
Targeted return on investment:
x... your initial investment in 5 years (i.e. + ... %)
Risk of losing the entire investment. Maximum return on investment: x3.
* Tax: Flat tax of 30% on the profit if you declare your income in France. Otherwise, your local tax law applies.

/ Presentation /




Positive impacts




Financial data

Target profitability
x1,57 en 5 ans (+56,79 % raw)
Risk of full loss of investment, maximum gain: x3
Minimum gain as long as the company is in business: x1,15
Moderate risk
rated at 2.69/5 by Internet users during the evaluation phase
Royalties paid quarterly
0,72 % maximum
% of turnover paid to all investors, for 14 394,00 € raised, proportional to the amount raised

Revenues and funding project

We have already gathered 55 000,00 €

1Kubator a investi 35 000€ dans Bric à Barac en juin 2022

Bric à Barac a obtenu une subvention de 20 000€ de la BPI, avec la Bourse French Tech

Over the 12 months preceding the fundraising, we achieved 0,00 € in turnover.

Bric à Barac SAS's fundraisings on WE DO GOOD

Current fundraising - 3 460,00 €
18/09/2023 - 95 606,00 €

Year 1 Year 2 Year 3 Year 4 Year 5
Number of sales 18 63 99 120 148
Projected revenue 86 500,00 € 436 075,00 € 707 500,00 € 874 450,00 € 1 030 025,00 €

Your investment

By investing, you subscribe to Bric à Barac SAS for a royalty on the company's turnover, proportional to your investment. The total investors will receive 0,72 % from the turnover achieved each year for a fundraising of 14 394,00 €.
If Bric à Barac SAS realizes its forecast, the return for each investor will be 56,79 % gross to 5 years.
Calculate my return

What happens if the forecast is not reached?
In the event that the forecast is not reached after 5 years and the activity continues, Bric à Barac SAS will continue to pay the royalties until a return of 1,15 times the amount invested is reached.

When do payments start?
The Royalty is transferred over a period of 5 years from 01/07/2024 and will be paid to investors on a quarterly basis.

All these elements will appear in your contract during the investment.

See the standard contract
This contract is a model, it does not serve as a real contract.

Provisional payment schedule

Attention: these figures are based on an estimate of our turnover. It's up to you to evaluate the forecast and the strategy to estimate whether you can expect to earn more or less than the announced annual return.

Estimated compensation on income of: Date of payment
July, August, September 15/10/2024
October, November, December 15/01/2025
January, February, March 15/04/2025
April, May, June 15/07/2025
July, August, September 15/10/2025
October, November, December 15/01/2026
January, February, March 15/04/2026
April, May, June 15/07/2026
July, August, September 15/10/2026
October, November, December 15/01/2027
January, February, March 15/04/2027
April, May, June 15/07/2027
July, August, September 15/10/2027
October, November, December 15/01/2028
January, February, March 15/04/2028
April, May, June 15/07/2028
July, August, September 15/10/2028
October, November, December 15/01/2029
January, February, March 15/04/2029
April, May, June 15/07/2029

Risk factors

Key risk factors related to the activity and project

Risk related to the financial situation of the company
Currently, prior to the completion of the fundraising of this offer, the company does not have, with sufficient net working capital to meet its obligations and cash flow needs for the next 6 months.

Sources of funding under consideration in connection with the project presented for the next 6 months:

Prêt d'honneur : 40 000 € (juillet 2023)

Subvention de la métropole de Grenoble : 20 000 €

L'évolution des normes sur différents aspects, pour l'instant notre aménagement est considéré comme du mobilier donc nous avons moins de normes applicables. En revanche, nous prenons les devants pour respecter au maximum les normes des cloisons classiques, pour la résistance au feu notamment. Dans le cas de l'évolution de la norme nous devrions dépenser 20 000€ pour un avis technique expérimental.

No.B.: over time, new risks may emerge and those presented may evolve.

To receive our detailed business plan, contact us at





The project evaluation and investment statistics

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