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Linseg Tech a obtenu le 'Seal of Excellence' de la Commission Européenne démontrant l'intérêt scientifique d'ELOQUANT et sa possibilité à démocratiser la recherche de haut niveau
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6 septembre 2022

Hi there,

As many of you have noticed, the first investment phase on WE DO GOOD ended in success with more than €143,000 raised as of June 30, 2022!

You have been more than 200 investors to trust us and we thank you all for your investment!

Although this sum is appreciable and allows us to continue to develop, we would need around €500,000 in total to be able to really accelerate our development by hiring technical and commercial personnel to complete our team and carry out our first sales. Indeed, it is crucial for us to ramp up in order to quickly make our technology known in order to capture a market share.

After discussion with our chartered accountant, we validated the fact that all investments on WE DO GOOD will be doubled thanks to government programs from the BPI (Banque Populaire d’Investissement) and bank loans based on our own funds. Therefore, the €500,000 invested in WE DO GOOD will become €1 million in ELOQUANT’s treasury.

In order to achieve our objective of raising €500,000, we must therefore publicize our project as well as the very interesting return prospects that we offer, namely a return of 479% (if we reach our sales forecasts at over the next six years).

To do this, we need your help! Talk to your acquaintances who might be interested in investing in the ELOQUANT project and help us achieve our goal.


To thank all of you who will help us find new investors in our ELOQUANT fundraising campaign on WE DO GOOD, we make the following proposal:

  • Get a commission of 20% of the sums invested by your acquaintances!

This commission will apply to any investment over €2,000 invested during the period between August 10 and September 30, 2022.

For example: If you talk to someone you know about it and they decide to invest €10,000 in the ELOQUANT project on the WE DO GOOD platform, you will personally receive the sum of €2,000:

  • Investment in ELOQUANT: €10,000 x 20% = €2,000

If you are interested in helping us find new investors, write to me at denis.gascon@linsegtech.com and I will call you to give you all the details and answer your questions.

Thank you all for your trust in our project and we look forward to talking to you soon!

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