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Impacts (know more) : economic and employment development
#development (resources for practitioners starting out), #innovation (by creating new methods of natural well-being), #life (access to affordable health and well-being), #pollution (chemical, pharmaceutical), #economic/social/environmental commitment

/ Return on investment /

0 % of the project revenue for 5 years.
I.e. in total 0(gross) according to to the project owner’s forecast:
Targeted return on investment:
x... your initial investment in 5 years (i.e. + ... %)
Risk of losing the entire investment. Maximum return on investment: x3.
* Tax: Flat tax of 30% on the profit if you declare your income in France. Otherwise, your local tax law applies.

/ Presentation /



U-Reconnect adresses the need to optimize one’s well-being naturally. Sleep, breathing techniques, nutrition, physical exercize, detox, mental health, emotions … not always easy to monitor all the different aspects of our being to optimize its functioning. 

We have innovated by creating a platform that allows you to discover, practice and evaluate the most promising and/or emerging natural wellness methods. 

We developed this smartphone application not only to help our users be the best version of themselves, but also with 2 objectives in mind: generate collaborative science thanks to our user feedback on the methods in the application and  create networking links among our customer groups (users, pratitioners and insurance companies) that will enrich knowledge on these subjects and give our vision its full impact.

1st objective : collaborative science, the app structure is in place, its algorithim is already learning what the best methods are to optimize well-being adapted to the profile of each individual person.

2nd objective : create links between our customer groups, the first step consisting of creating a back office for practitioners and coaches. A market study is already underway which will allow us to refine the common needs which have already been identified. 


We are looking to raise a minimum of 20,000 € to finance the development of 2 backoffices, salaries and the marketing expenditure we have projected.

Return on investment

In exchange for your investment, you will receive every 3 months a percentage of the sales of U-reconnect for the next 5 years (maximum 3x  your initial investment).

All investors will receive 3 % of the turnover for 150,000 € (maximum) invested. Your share will be proportional to your investment.

Breakdown of financing needs


U-Reconnect SAS has been financed up to now exclusively through funds provided by the founders (100% of the shares of the company at this publishing). Its share capital is currently 30 k€.


Positive impacts



Nous avons établi un Business model qui se focalise sur 3 cibles :

– Le grand public pourra se procurer l’application par le biais des plateformes de téléchargement App Store et Google Play. L’application est disponible sous forme de “Freemium” offrant une version gratuite et limitée de l’application (sans restriction d’utilisation dans le temps) et une version premium moyennant un abonnement mensuel (11,50 €/mois) ou annuel (39,99 €/an).

– Les assurances/mutuelles à qui nous proposons d’acheter un certain volume d’abonnements pour leurs adhérents et auxquels nous proposerons un prix par abonnement ainsi que des frais d’initialisation afin de leur développer une plateforme dédiée.

– Les praticiens et coachs à qui nous proposons un abonnement annuel et qui auront une rétro-commission sur tous les nouveaux abonnés à qui ils proposeront une “prescription” de suivi par le biais de l’application U-Reconnect.

Afin de favoriser la mise en lien de ces 3 cibles de distribution, le développement d’un backoffice praticiens est en cours de réalisation. L’étude de marché pour le mettre en place de façon optimale est déjà enclenchée.

Afin d’anticiper les besoins en sécurité des assureurs, nous travaillons activement avec une spécialiste RGPD et l’architecture de système respecte le cloisonnement des informations. 


Financial data

Method of financing : investment in royalties
Duration of the investment :  5 years
Percentage of turnover paid each quarter : 3% maximum (for 150,000 € raised)
Targeted profitability : +200% gross return in 5 ans (risk of loss of the investment, maximum gain of 3 x)
Risk : … (evaluated by internet users during the evaluation phase)


Attention : these figures are based on an estimate of our turnover. It’s up to you to evaluate our forecast and strategy to determine whether you can expect to earn more or less than the announced annual return. Do not hesitate to contact us. Your maximum risk is the loss of your investment, and at best your will triple your investment. 


By investing in our project, you are subscribing to U-reconnect for a royalty on the turnover of the company, proportional to your investment. For a fundraising equal to 15o,000 €, all investors will receive 3% of the company’s turnover over the next 5 years.

If U-reconnect attains its forecasted turnover, the profitability for each investor will be +200% in 5 years.

What happens if the forecast is not reached ?

In the event the forecast is not reached after 5 years and the business continues to operate, U-reconnect will continue to pay royalties until all investments have been reimbursed.

When do royalty payments start ?

The royalty obligation lasts for 5 years starting on October 1st, 2022 and will be paid to investors each quarter. 

Royalty payments :

You will receive royalty payments every quarter, once the contract takes effect. Your contract starts at the beginning of the quarter following your investment if the minimum amount sought has been reached. Votre contrat démarre au début du trimestre suivant son investissement si le seuil de validation est atteint. Par exemple, pour un investissement ayant lieu entre janvier et mars, le contrat prendra effet le 1er avril et le premier versement interviendra en juillet. For example, for an investment taking place between January and March, the contract will take effect on April 1 and the first payment will take place in July.

Payment time     Payment of royalties on turnover of :
April January, February, March
July April, May, June
October July, August, September
January October, November, December

Main risk factors related to the business and the project :

  • At U-reconnect, nous innovate ! The concept can be difficult to grasp for some users. By working with practitioners, we are looking to promote a learning atmosphere with our end users. 
  • Competition is intense. Our approach and our wide range of methods set us apart from competitors who are limited to very specific niches.
  • We have defined 3 distribution targets. There is a risk that one of the 3 targets may not be as buoyant as we are projecting. On the other hand, the diversification of targets will allow us to concentrate our efforts on the most promising ones.
  • We are just starting the B2C marketing campaign and do not yet have any empirical indicators to validate our financial projections. We are currently relying on the recommendations and experience of our Digital Marketing advisors. 
  • Risk related to the company’s financial situation : currently, before the completion of the fundraising of this offer, the company does not have sufficient net working capital to meet its cash requirements for the next 6 months. At the same time as this We Do Good fundraising, we are envisaging a capital increase of 50 k€.

N.B. : Over time, new risks may appear and those presented may evolve.

To receive our detailed Business Plan, contact us at the following address:  contact@u-reconnect.com




Our personal strengths for success are our complementarity, our own networks and our ecosystem.

Julien is at the origin of the project. For him, the story began when he decided to find alternatives to a hip replacement in 2012. He was 30 years old and had no desire to undergo such major surgery at that age while continuing to practice martial arts at a very high level. U-reconnect is the solution he would have liked to have had 10 years ago!

Jane became aware of this project in the Summer of 2018 when Julien first shared it with her. She had had a health problem in 2012 and he had helped her to overcome it. Some of the methods he shared with her are still in her daily routine. As she had just sold the company she had co-founded in Mergers & Acquisitions, she was ready to embark on a new entrepreneurial adventure. She followed him !

Vincent is the newest member of the U-reconnect team. For him, it all started over coffee. After 16 years as an IT director in the world of finance, banking and industry, he was quietly preparing a new project. Julien shared with him his experience and his passion for natural health as well as his healing experience. He met Jane and decided to join this exciting project in line with his values and his own passions !

We were fortunate to have joined Ipocamp, a French incubator, who helps us with our digital marketing communication and sales strategy with insurance companies.

Our ecosystem is a key success factor. It allows us to cover all operational tasks needed to develop our offer.



The project evaluation and investment statistics

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